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An introduction to Anaesthesia

Your anaesthetist will discuss the anaesthetic methods that are appropriate for you and will find out what you would like. Sometimes you can make choices if you want to – anaesthetists try to offer individual care. You and your anaesthetist can work together to make your experience as calm and free from pain as possible.

What is Anaesthesia?

The word anaesthesia means ‘loss of sensation’. If you have ever had a dental injection in your mouth or pain-killing drops put in your eyes, you already know important things about anaesthesia.

  • It stops you feeling pain and other sensations.
  • It can be given in various ways.
  • Not all anaesthesia makes you unconscious.
  • It can be directed to different parts of the body.

Drugs that cause anaesthesia work by blocking the signals that pass along your nerves to your brain. When the drugs wear off, you start to feel normal sensations again,including pain.